Amy Bruce Bowen

I don’t know why this card is barely mentioned in 2KG. But this Bowen is going to be a clamp god for budget squads (and if he has a good release, then this will be an elite 3 and D player)

I can’t believe 2k juiced Bruce Bowen this much

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His ruby was legit. Just was slow as hell when faster cards came out. His shot release is cool and easy

Welp the good news is that Amy Bowen got his speed upgraded a ton, you can legitimately play him at the 3 now


I pulled him and held onto him for a budget squad. Pair him with Bobby Jones and people are going to get clamped.


Damn just saw that. He just became my bench small forward if I don’t break the bank for Bird

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My player on MyPark is named Bruce Bowen with 3 and D play style, I’m excited

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Once when I get home, I’m going to pick up Bruce, he just seems too much of a beast to pass up

What HOF badges does he have MTDB is on the fritz

I’m ready for that t.allen-bowen-giannis TTO lineup.

Add Moncrief and bobby for MTU.

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HOF Defensive Stopper, HOF Pick Pocket, and HOF Pick Dodger

He also comes with Gold Catch and Shoot, Gold Corner Specialist, and Gold Deep Range Deadeye

Yea I was mostly wondering about D Stopper. That’ll do. He should be a top tier Amy like English and good ol JR

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Ngl, I might take Bowen over those two. This card is just way too juiced for me to pass up.

he is probably the best card in the set

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Juce Bowen you say?

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That’s what I’m saying, this dude got juiced as hell from 2k. The fact he has 90 speed + 90 acceleration and can speed boost makes this card cheesy

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He’ll definitely be better but JR is prob the best pure shooter and English is prob the best slasher of all the Amy’s

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Amy Eddie Jones

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Most annoying thing about his ruby was free throws, this one is great card. Picked both him and Tony Allen.

his ruby is good