Amy Bonga Price ps4. *expensive*

Just sold my bonga for 28k. if people invested when he was 6k, they are making bank rn

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Wow that’s crazy

That means log on and sell mine right?


Jheez I still thought he was around 6/7k, imma sell mine

Batum is next



Oh yeah I like Batum. Tmac Lite for super cheap

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gonna sell bonga and use that MT on a couple batums :joy:

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Bonga could be like Amy Hedo last year I c it

I’ma post for 27k let’s see if u true

Couple listed PS4 at 25k, selling mine off

Wow just sold mine 25k … thanks for the heads up . I never use him, goodbye !

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Why is he so expensive now , for tto?

Thanks for the heads up. Had 3 of them in my unclaimed auctions. Selling now.

I actually love the card he was my “big” PG but now thats Hedo so I might as well take the 30k.

I already invested 300k in diamond Batum😁



Yeah I think that’s an easy w. Might hold a stash too. Good look @Kobe6Rings

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Hes an Opal in my eyes. His player model, animations, badges and attributes are just perfect.

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This batum is? He’s going for 5k