Amy Ben Simmons

With that open 3 shoe plus/ Casey he is a monster.


Yep just did somebody up. Hit 2 3s in a row. Dude was really pissed then. I’m 7-0 I’m thinking about going to get zing God to try and finish it off. @pampas0000

Corner specialist and a diamond shoe plus coach work wonders :sunglasses:

Kporzee a god tho,better than Hakeem imo

U already know :kissing_closed_eyes::sunglasses:. That 60 ball 3 is really good for him. I hit my 3s at the top of the key.

I’m about to try him out.

Porzingis is a must

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With KD10 and D’Antoni

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I’m looking for him now. But I need a badge up with the shoes. I got plenty contracts.

Yeah like pampas said. Best shoe for him is kd 10 blue. Only badges that really matter for him are pick n popper / limitless. Ill finish badging him but thats all he needed to be a god for my 12-0 run


I can’t wait til I get some MT so I can get back into myteam so many wild cards I wanna try

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Ben is a beast man, and when he’s not scoring he’s a hell of a distributor. Lord, please let Ben win MVP of the ASG and get a PD :clap:


Ben Simmons is a beast, regardless of his 3 ball, I sold my penny and went back to him.

I’m so pissed right now. I want to sell my whole squad.

Lol what happened

Caught somebody that ran 5 out centers first time playing them. Couldn’t do nothing with them cause they was all 7ft tall shooting 3s. Even said no 3s & switch dumb as# 2k said naw we not going switch. @YuBuuBuu this was my second time in 2 weeks going 10-0 and then running into a monster squad. And that back down turn around fade away can’t be missed by nobody on this game I see.

I ran into a team similar to that during my run last might but my starting lineup is so big it didnt even matter

Giannis PG AK Zingis AD

None of those guys give up much in the post either

Idk if youre playin off ball when theyre in the post but if you are thats 2 points every time

Hell naw I was guarding them. It was the damn cup letting them get wide open 3s after I told them not to double team. I’m 4-0 right now cause I ain’t been sleep trying some new lineups. And I sold AD. I’m watch couple my teams games @YuBuuBuu and get back on it. Or maybe wait for the super bowl when I can probably play the same 4 ppl in row to go 12-0

Is he useful at the 4?