Amethyst T-Mac

Do any of you have an amethyst T-Mac you’re not using? Perhaps even one with a diamond shoe? Post here or PM me, please.

Are you selling your diamond TMac and using the Amethyst?

The amethyst can only wear Adidas shoes. Perhaps you just want Danny? Lol.

I was going to downgrade him to the amy, and then pickup PD Harden since it would still be within the diamond limitations you’ve set. I’d then have the MT to do some other things, and upgrade some guys. I’ve never once considered selling diamond TMac until now. I only ever had him for supermax to begin with. He’s a monster don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I have actually really been enjoying using my all-time New Orleans squad with amethysts though.

There aren’t many adidas that offer a substantial boost. Hmm what to do what to do :thinking:

This ariza is still in the 80’s and a JR Smith will be coming soon.

If your downgrading a diamond so you can add PD Harden maybe downgrade Dwight… wouldn’t be a huge downgrade going from the 95 diamond to a 93 amythest.

Dwight is hard to lock in due to some Rubies being rare.

I’ve thought about that as well but there are no Marcus Camby’s in circulation, like ever.

Anyone have any gripes about the amy version of McGrady?

That card was my second go-to player after I locked in PG13… until the new TMac came out. Great Amy.

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I sometimes use the Amy VC and TMac duo (since my VC has the Red Kyries and my Mac has the Adidas rebounding shoe) and honestly, that Tracy is better than the 94 Overall diamond from last year.

If you can get an Amethyst Tracy with the multi-color rebounding shoe, you can honestly put him at PF (not in the Tournament though) if you were to use him in SuperMax. He has 84 strength and mid 80’s rebounding and higher contact dunk.

He would strictly be used for the tournament. I use Hakeem and CP3 so much that his overall skills get wasted playing him at the 3 with my playstyle. I’m starting Drexler for the duo.

Nice man. Solid lineup for sure! Who’s your bench PG going to be? TMac or Amethyst Francis?

PD Harden if I sell 98 TMac :fire: If so I will most likely run the amethyst McGrady as my starting SF

If Tmac isn’t your go to guy then there may not be much difference between the amythest and diamond for you… and if you don’t already have PD Harden now might be the lowest he’s been… all the ones I’ve seen are selling under 200k.