Amethyst Steph is honestly still so good

Hopefully you guys can see these clips I took on my phone. I greened a shot past half court with takeover. Just wanted to follow up with those of you who commented on my post when I asked if Steph was any good. Let me know if the imgur link works!

Edit: seems only one clip posted give me a minute


you can use as well bro

Dope thanks bro first time trying to post a clip

no problem bro nice ass clip btw straight killed that man

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Appreciate that my g means a lot coming from a solid player. Lmk if that second clip works of the deep ball lmao

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gahhhh damn from half court :muscle:t6: :muscle:t6: :muscle:t6: :muscle:t6:

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That Steph/Klay duo be going crazy I had no idea😂 Steph don’t even have gold range either smh

damn what range he got, and i see those cold spots arent a problem like ppl were sayin

He only has silver bro imagine what the PD Steph gonna be doing🤮 I can’t even shoot close to that deep with Houston or pg13

damn hes different then that pd will be crazy

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@Pedronqneves thought you might appreciate the first clip lol

Steph is godly, and if you’re willing to spend the MT you can get him close to 30 gold badges. His PD is probably unstoppable, I’m sure his opal and DM are going to be game breaking. Loved my Steph curry goat card last year, can’t wait for the new drop.


yo your handle is fire man… i wish i can learn to dribble like that.


Thanks man I play a lot of park so that’s how I learn combos. Just watch videos and take time to practice.

Word I’m bout to upgrade a couple more I think, but they don’t let you put RE to gold which is pretty lame.

Yeah that sucks, i think pd has HOF RE

Man I don’t think I’m gonna be able to finish the grind for the PD, makes me sad af lowkey lol. Such an unrealistic grind though so I guess it’s fair.

ah no wonder. i wish i got time and team to play park. it’s way too toxic lol. i enjoy my team more since last year.

any player can use gold RE?

It’s all good, they’ll release it again after this season most likely and we also get to look forward to his opal and dark matter card. Would be fun to demolish guys with the PD now, but we’ll all get our chance with a much better card later