Amethyst sg kd ISNT bad

i decided to give this man a try on my budget squad since hes just sitting there. now by no means does this post mean amethyst kd is great, or even good. but im sticking up for the little guy here. my first point is


on the finishing end, his badges dont help. opal kd is the only good dunker.
shooting wise, hes got steady, but its on hof (the best one), hes got gold range and qd, and a bunch of other solid badges. he can shoot if u get that release down i promise.
dribbles wise hes got tight handles and unpluckable gold, silver qfs, and surprisingly enough, unpluckable on bronze. its not great to only have on bronze, but its more than opal brandon roy.
defense wise, silver intimidator and bronze clamps with his length at the sg is ok. its not great, but its not bad. my second point is

this is a big one. hes still got pro 2 cross to dribble glitch, hes got the crazy pullaround 6’9”+ cross btb, hes got kds length and sizeup.

now clark, there has to negatives to this card right?
well fuckin obviously

slow af. i mean it. he can create but it might take him 40 years
post game isnt nearly as good as the other kds
cant slash for shit
poor defensively against a good sg


Thanks for the info, might use him for the thunder spotlight sim

Didn’t get him when the code came out. I’m sure he’ll be on boards or weekly spin soon

Ok. He might be ok but if you think about the fact you can play 2 hours and get walter davis , a sg that can compete vs god squads it kinda kills sgs without clamps and all that.

so i would reccomend walter davis

That bronze clamps kills the card. Hate that damn badge:

I use him on my budget squad. Love him at sg. Can’t wait for the opal sg version

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u are correct. just figured id give him a try

i agree

Diamond Nets KD for 2500 MT isn’t bad either.

i only like the amy bc he plays sg

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Ah right on. I scored the Amy on a ball drop; forgot about this.

KD’s pullups is kinda weird for me this year, it feels stiff not like last years. Is this the sonics one?

All these career highlight cards are bait and ass

I agree. The card is fun and you can actually run him at the 2. HOF Steady Shooter is really nice. You can green shots in everybodies faces.

it is the sonics one but they got the same pullup. i agree he should lean forward on the pullup but instead he leans further back

not necessarily. i only hate jordan and bogut all the others are useable

someone said kd has bronze clamps?

ok obviously not useable in a god squad but for a budget team bench a 6’9” sniper is nice to have

not even…he’s blowby city…u need to spam 3s consistently or play a bot

or switch him onto the weak man since i said budget team?