Amethyst S-Dot

Got around to dumping off a bunch (to me) of Tokens I had remaining, recently. After I got PD Sabonis, had enough Tokens for 2 more PD’s and chose Eaton and Gugliotta. And then ground out a couple rounds of TTOff to have enough for an Amethyst and got AM Shaun Livingston.

For an AM PG he’s very solid, albeit not very meta. For a Warriors (or S-Dot) fan, he’s nice to have if you have the Tokens to burn.

If you constrain comparisons to Amethyst-and-Under PG’s, then he stands out pretty prominently for his height. At 6’7", he’s unrivaled in height, except by AM Theus and AM Simmons.

His most standout weapon, of course, is his Post Fade, for which he gets a 94 Base rating.

  • I’m not one for having strong perceptions of differences in animations, but my rough sense of his “standard” Post Fade animations is that they’re good, not great. I think the release is pretty high in the animation and he gets good separation, but not much lift.
  • It’s solid, but I actually find it kind of disappointing that his animation doesn’t quite look/feel like his IRL turnaround jumper in the post, which is as signature as any NBA player’s specific shot goes.
  • That said, if his animation was like his IRL one, then it’d be rough to time, as IRL he releases at the very end of his jump apex, pretty much as he starts to come down.
  • His card’s face-up jumpshot is wonky and has the feel of having a oddly late release.
  • Unfortunate that he only get 68 Post Control and, probably as a result of that, is nerfed hard in terms of being able to use the Post Spin.
  • Also nerfed with pathetic 50 Strength. Which I guess is sort of realistic, at least in the sense that IRL he is not the sort of player back down defenders. He’ll bump a couple times with back to basket, and maybe gain a foot or two, but he doesn’t really grind for position with the ball with back to basket and the prelude to actually spinning back for his turnaround is really more about timing than position.
  • Does have an 88 Post Hook, which is more than enough to complement his Fade as an alternate move.

Dribble-wise, I’m also not very savvy.

  • I would say that his moving crossover and behind the backs are not good.
  • Generally capable as a dribbler but not saucy.
  • Was able to rip some combos, but probably more by accident than by design, and they were not really deadly quick transitions, but simply combos that terminated in what was a very timely momentum boost with change in direction, for the specific situation at the time.

He’s not meta because he his 3pt ratings are 78/74/74.

  • So 83 with right Coach and 88 with right Coach and Shoe.
  • I feel like I’d rather get him to 99 Post Fade than get +5 to Open 3. Too bad that I think only way to get +5 Post Fade is with a Diamond Shoe.
  • Midrange ratings are 98/98/86. Shame about that Moving Mid being sub-90. But if you want to target that, then you can get to 95 with Casey and a Shoe.
  • I haven’t gotten a sense of his moving jumper animations, though.

Defensively, he seems pretty good for an AM.

  • 95/94/85/95/95 LQ, Steal, Block, Contest, and DefCons.
  • Is meh for an AM in DIQ: 90/92/89 On Ball, P&R, and Help DIQ.
  • Really horrific 51 LP DIQ, which I think is a crock. Between this and his shit Strength, any good wing should be able to spam post-spins on him relentlessly.
  • It has seemed to me, so far, that he is able to get more than his normal share of blocks off of pressed up hands-up contests, I assume due to his height and length.

Physically, he’s quite nice, aside from the weakling thing…

  • 94/94/94 Speed, Accel, SWB.
  • So with right Coach, he can have 98 Speed, and then 99 for either Accel or SWB.
  • 95 Vert to go along with 95 Driving and Contact Dunk and 85/85 Dunking Tendencies.

Badgewise, he’s nice with 4 x HoF badges and comes with 18 more Golds. So he can carry all you’d want.

  • Gets HoF Mid Deadeye, of course…and then appropriate seeming Acrobat, Relentless, and P&R Maestro. Note lack of HoF Dimer.
  • I think AM’s get 6 spots, so not hard to fill his badging out: Corner Spec, DRD, Limitless, Rim Protector, Bruiser, and then probably your choice of Brick Wall, Hustle Rebounder, or Chase-Down Artist.

In the end, it’s nice to have this version of him. It’s the first time in my recollection that 2K actually made an S-Dot with an elite Post Fade rating. 94 base is tops for any Amethyst PG. It’s actually the highest Post Fade rating for any Amethyst from 1-3, tied with a handful of 4’s and 5’s, and eclipsed only by AM Parish who has a 95.

And as a capable defender and finisher, he’s just nice for any Warrior fan who wants to have a really nice S-Dot.

Or, I guess, anyone who specifically wants an actual PG in the AM tier who can be a money fade ace.


Great Review man. Looks like he would bring the EQ :smile:

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Picked him up as my bench PG while rerunning Dom. If you are a patient player, no traditional PG can stop him. That methodical YMCA game is deadly with this guy and as somebody that loves midrange pull ups and floaters, I really appreciated this card. Great review!


If you want to drop the coin, white Kobes would give him +5 to fade and open 3, no? Either way, I’m pretty sure there are gold Jordans with post fade and post control. Can you get post takeover if you do boost it to 99? If not, which takeover are you rocking?

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Great review!

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Hahaha, yes.

Last night I was looking through shoes and stopped at the White Kobes I’ve had sitting around. But I should figure out which elite card I wanna put that on and do that ASAP.

I’m thinking that I’d put the Pink Adidas Superstars on S-Dot: Fade to 99, SWB to 99, Steal to 99…all these boosts using the full +5 boost, as well as the +5 to Pass Vision, and then the +1 to Mid Cont to get it to 99.

Without a shoe, he got Playmaker TO for me. I don’t imagine there’s any way to get him Post Takeover.

Nice review bro! Let us know his takeover :laughing:

That was my first thought, too, until you mentioned the Open 3. Let us know what you decide, and what his takeover is!

Actually, who’s the coach? Based on my (definitely flawed) thoughts on how takeovers work, you’re probably dealing with playmaker because his BC is 96 or 97 with your coach. You might actually be able to get slasher (if you boost contact dunk or driving dunk to 99) or post takeover (by pushing fadeaway to 99). He’s probably a lock for lockdown with Pop/Stevens.

I might get him just to mess around tonight.

I gave him red Melos and got SC with the first couple coaches I tried. Lock with Pop.

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just tried him out…he plays like real life

his jumper is horrendous, dribbles slow but his post fade is nice

he would be a solid card earlier in the year

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he dribbles really good actually

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Dribble drive is best. He has nicer moving, fading, and off dribble shots shots… sort of like Kawaii release in the sense. Get to his other shit animations.

Great driving and will posterize. Needs some space for his moves. Needs space to get up and Posterize. I like MCW much more

2K Needs to give him the Fro

too bad he has one of the worst releases I’ve seen thus far

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