Amethyst Rewards?

What are the best amethyst rewards?

they are trash, you better get the amazing cheap cards in the AH for a gum and 10 cent



Yep Petrie is a standout
Dirk is fun for some post fade action

That’s kinda it


I love Dirk’s release and 3 ball too. He seems more accurate than his stats, mauybe because he shoots from so high that he is not getting too contested.

But yea Amy rewards are garbage and there is better stuff in the AH for like 1-5K (Ruby Mikes, Saph Christie etc) than most of these rewards.

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Hmm so far im up to my 4th until i complete fantasy dom. Im only done 10 games so far. Once I get done 3 more sets of games which are 8 tokens each one i should have my 5th and probably be close to done all of them when i finish this domination.So far Petrie and Sloan i kinda like, i have Dirk and hes good at times, but i picked but the amethyst draymond and tbh even with his height being only like 6’7 he’s still amazing i find. He helped me a lot. I also have bridgeman and hes okay i guess, I would say petrie is the best one tho. Im either taking marbury or nance next but probably taking marbury. Idk how good bibby is or the other guys but i feel like marbury will be a great addition tho to help. Trying to figure out what card to buy next though…

If you care at all about conserving MT I beg you guys to stop spending tokens on rewards unless you’re already in diamond or PD rewards. It made sense early in the year but now you can get players for 15k or less that are far better than every Amy reward or below, and better than half the diamond rewards too (Amy KAJ, Amy Draymond, Ruby Miles to name a few). And you won’t be able to sell any of the rewards back once even the diamond rewards become obsolete in Xmas time (except maaaayne Melo).

Wait how does not spending tokens conserve mt? Also whether they’re shit or not, you need to get through those other tiers to get to diamond or PD, so stopping now isn’t going to make you any better off. You’ll just have less cards and will be stuck with a bunch of tokens that can’t be used for anything else.

Disagree that Melo will be the only good one. Both Peja and Baron are also really great cards, and if you like Dominique, Marques is good too.

I have heard nothing but great things about every available PD in the token rewards also. So if “maybe Melo” is going to be good enough by Xmas, I’d dare say that those PDs will be pretty useful too.

Agree that those mentioned cards are better than a lot (if not all) of the reward cards amy or lower, but that’s a whole diff game and is a bigger waste of mt than just using token rewards. Using token cards is a better way of conserving mt than spending mt on ah cards


I think he is saying don’t convert MT to tokens by buying garbage players to complete and lock sets, to get tokens, to get the rewards.

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They’re all trash

Fair points, I should clarify.

If you are locking in sets to stack up tokens, and you are still not in D or PD token market, then I would definitely stop right now. If you grinded Dom or Triple Threat to get your tokens, then that’s a closer call. Personally I would still not lock in anything.

Just as a baseline, completing Amy rewards requires 510 tokens. You could buy 50 packs on the token market for that many tokens, which is equal to nearly 450k VC, or $100. Or you could get through the Amy market and have a bunch of players that are borderline useless already (and by the time you get through the Diamond market…8 or 9 of those players will be useless as they don’t have HOF badging).

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Im not spending on the tokens im just grinding TTO and grinding Dom rn. I should have about 7-8 of the amethysts or more by the time im dom this dom

Oh and one more thing…for me I sell my MT when I am done with My Team and make usually about half my money back. You can’t do that with your token rewards.

Let’s put it this way…2k didn’t add the concept of locking things in for Tokens in order to make less money. It’s just a sneaky method to drain MT and make you go buy more VC. Every year with 100% certainty, the vast majority of the “good” reward cards are irrelevant earlier than anyone expects.

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Rn im in the fantasy dom and have 10 games done. I am grinding most this weekend last night i won a game by one point thanks to Mark Eaton stealing the ball from i think Diamond tony parker lol

All the Amy rewards are trash diamond and up is where it’s at

Ah okay that makes more sense. I agree that locking in sets should be the last resort to getting tokens. It’s defs a bit of a trap.

I do think that there are some current sets that are pretty low risk locks though, as I can’t see there being a huge demand for the cards in them. I understand it’s all mt, but a few of those sets might be worth about 20k by the end.

My advice would be to lock in those current or cheap hc sets if you feel you must to get to PD rewards. I would avoid locking in tb sets though, as I think that’s where mt value is being held.

That token market is a flat-out scam. The pull rate for those is disgusting and i think that’s a bigger waste of tokens then having a crack at some of these amys.

I understand selling everything back at the end and that the token rewards can’t be sold, but they also didn’t cost mt to begin with, so if you’re not locking, you’re not losing

But even if you just bought 50 token market packs and then quicksold the 250 cards, you would have over 100k MT, assuming you didn’t pull even 1 card of any value in 50 packs. And I would argue that 100k MT is worth more than every single card combined up and through the Amy market right now.

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So, now let’s move to the Diamond market. To complete it you need 750 tokens. If 510 tokens is worth at least 100k MT, then 750 tokens is worth at least 150k MT. This is EXTREMELY conservative, but it still doesn’t matter.

So now, you have spent 1,260 tokens which is easily worth over 250k MT and gotten 3 useful players: Melo, Baron and Peja. Would you spend 250k MT right now to lock in those 3 players for the rest of the year? Answer has to be no…and 250k is a ridiculously low estimate…500k is probably closer to fair value.

That’s fair and you’re right. There are defs some decent cards in the ruby market more than amy, but defs not 100k worth of value. Though if not locking in to reach that 510 tokens I don’t think it matters. Once in diamond market though I think locking in a few sets is probs the easiest way to tokens, and if you’re smart about it you can avoid locking in too much mt.

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Yea, I’m with you if you’re going very quickly for PD rewards, then I can see the argument, and certainly earlier in the year when D and PD rewards were extremely overpowered. But otherwise, at this point I’d convert tokens into any MT possible and just buy cards on the auction house.