Amethyst Reward Selection?

How would you rank the best 5 and who would they be?

The only one I’m currently still rocking in my lineups is Tom Jon and that’s because of my lineup. Depending on your needs is who better. To be honest there all underwhelming. But dirk can shoot though

5. Dirk


Petrie, Sloan, trash, trash, trash.


Only 2 worth playing which are dirk and Geoff the rest are trash. Play rubies over them

Sloan, Petrie, Marbury, Dirk, Tom

That boy GP.

Tom and dirk are the only one on my lineup still

I like helping people a lot but there are already tons of threads about this in the forum. Do u guys ever use search function or everyone wants to be vip?

Sloan number 1 for sure

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Petrie best amy reward

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From 1 to 5 in terms of most games played in My team (usage)

  1. Larry Nance
  2. Jerry Sloan
  3. Geoff Petrie
  4. Dirk
  5. Rudy

i tried to search but only led me to threads about how good dirk and petrie are and never about any other card

Jerry Sloan is surprising really good, Petrie is Amy D Wade, and Larry Nance is oka

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I’m 4 tokens off my 3rd and need a SG So sloan looks like the card to get. Is his release any good and Defense?
I got 13 tokens in TTO last night in like an hour or two idk didnt play that much lol

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His release is butter. Super pure. Reminds me of korvers shot.


Alright thanks. Im definitely considering getting him then for sure since I need a SG to start. My others are ruby thunder dan and eddie jones lol

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He’s also very runnable at pg if you have a coach that boosts ball control

Does Sloan have 3pt plays?

Sloan and petrie the only 2 even worth looking at. Dirk is straight cheeks. Ruby Kristaps is 10x better