Amethyst KP

Has anyone used his new card yet? If so how is he? I might pick him up

Dude he literally came ou 5 min ago…


Candidate of best amy + diamond.


Bout to sample him, love the card art on him, he stands out compared to everyone else

All hes missing is limitless


Used him in freestyle. Super fast/easy release. Uploading a video now.


Thanks man. So obviously he has been out long enough to use him. @DuLe11

Since he’s an Amethyst and packs are being ripped like crazy, everyone and their mama are gonna be running this card. Should be fun facing him 9/10 games :upside_down_face:


Sorry, the Xbox upload to Onedrive takes for fucking ever. I’ll have the video soon.

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Here we go:


Which shoe for my boy KP?

Bye Blake hello Godzingis

I’m a speed/ LQ whore, so purple Kyries for me.


He can wear any shoe?

Yes any shoes. I put adidas boince on mine to boost speed

Yes - I was expecting only Adidas, but it has 2K. Decidex to put the Kyries on in case it was a mistake :joy:

I would imagine a lot of people are going to want white Kobes.

Shoes will be a tough choice for sure then. Looks like badge decision might be tough too since he’s missing a lot of useful ones and only so many slots on an amy.

Shiettt that’s nuts, his Ruby and cards last year were Adidas only, dunno how they got away with making this one able to rock non-Adidas brand shoes, pretty sure his contract actually prevents stuff like this

I wonder what the card will settle at Cheapest was 50,000 MT but no one is buying so that will come down.