Amethyst Jerry West stats. Coming Wednesday?

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That card art is a little intense

Some T-1000 shit happening there


Looks nice defensively, but on offense not so much :cry:

Lakers throwback confirmed?

Or is this just today in history?

Locker code then?

I’d be happy to use him, I bet he’s like Pistol and gets awesome animations.

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Damn i need to cop the logo!

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19 years 5 feet 100 lbs.

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5 feet of amazing and 100 pounds of awesome :joy::joy:

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That’s pure muscle bruh. :weight_lifting_man:️‍♂️

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Cant wait for this card to come out, the slot is up in the game so might be in the a few hours

Packs or a locker code?

You guys think he will finally be 6’4 SG like he should be?

5ft? I will bully him with Muggsy Bogues

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