Amethyst Brian Winters is actually Klay Thompson lol

Amethyst Brian Winters is actually Klay Thompson lol

My dude is basically a 6’4 Klay Thompson with Gold Quick Draw so that jumper is money like its supposed to be. He’s cashing everything and has silver clamps badge lol. This is what an Amy Klay will feel like i hope.



this is dope

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:joy: same picture

Marques Wilkins says hi


i see you shoot without the meter i remember mike wang saying that boosts your shot percentage also

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Lmao literally a carbon copy

Yup, i am seeing more greens because of it i think. I remember Wang said this:


Does that include without the feet?

wouldnt the excellent window result in a green anyway?

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Not sure. I assumed when he said excellent window he didnt mean perfect but very close to perfect.


i wonder if thats confirmed in the game or was just an idea

Is he better than ray?

Man I dislike this shit 2k pulls you paid Winters royalty and players wanted a brand new card and you do all of us the disrespect of copying and pasting a current star to a legend’s build takes away the perceived effort of realism

Idk that 6’4 klay looks dope

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Is he still klay? I wanna choose him as my first amy reward lol

I am better without the meter like you, but without any meter I am so terrible at free throws…

So right now I am running the feet meter, it doesn’t bother me when shooting in the game, and at the same time I have something to look at for free throws.

Do you have some tip for learning FT releases without meter? Some are very funky, Shaq, Ewing and Magic come to mind.

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That stache tho…

Yes!! I was just about to post a picture of the real Brian Winters so we could give that stache the credit it deserves.

Here he is rocking the full beard and looking like a straight creeper, lol.

Cant believe it is klays player model and shot. Had to unlock him lol

I suck at FTs too bro lol. Its hard without the meter

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