Ambish got galaxy opal Wilt

Now thats grinding.

With the 750 tokens from the heat check collection not near so much difficult like for people who got him 2 days ago

True though. With the heat check collection, tokens are raining

Do people ever just chill and not try to rush through MyTeam every year?

2K have to add new Token rewards at this point

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Heat check gives 750 total? Damn lol i just opened the saphire market

Sounds like i need to build my MT back up to snipe

Reported…for not knowing how kids are these days. No patience.

yea hes trying for the tourney so that Wilt center and Timmy at pf will be crazy asf

I’m like “who da fuck is ambish” ?


Amblsh also has said that he doesn’t like the card. It only has 5 HOF badges and is sluggish playing. I think most of the pink diamond cards in the game so far have more HOF badges.

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Damn bro imagine paying 750 tokens and not liking the player lol I still want wilt tho

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It makes me think about something. There’s no way 2k won’t do anything about it. I mean C’mon, the season didn’t even started and some already have a 99 Wilt? So it means all the tokens they have now is pointless and useless?

I’m pretty sure they will add some cards at some point

I think they’ll add some cards too, possibly other 5 PD and than maybe a galaxy per time utile there are like 5 GO.

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2K bout to drop the super super heat check packs for another 750 tokens.

Lock that MT boys


Sad story.

What could be in this pack lol :joy:

Double the boosts and blue flames

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Then Nuke Check packs… neverending story.


Watching the video now lol

He’s not happy :joy: