Ambish dropped a video where he used diamond and Amy Hedo in the same lineup

Anyone try this?

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how did he do it? im tryna see something real quick

Lightweight toxic but fun af
Plus let’s be honest for y’all offballers it’s not a big deal and he’s easy to score on on defense lmao

He’s trippin on the bruiser badge. Correct me if I’m wrong, but its only benefit is it drains the defenders energy quicker, right?

It helps but i feel like people overrate the badge way too much sometimes

It’s more noticeable on Hof. Can drain energy through post ups on offense or bump animations on defense, for example.


That’s not how bruiser works, lmao

Saw this yesterday as well only on a DBG video. Perfect time to finish up domination before this gets fixed.

lmao yall dont dribble so yall dont understand. Bruiser works on both offense AND defense. The reason i can dribble with James worthy without gettin bumped 24/7 IS bc he has HOF bruiser, so he doesnt get those bump animations that other people usually would unless they’re a lockdown or something. High Strength + Bruiser allows the dribbling bigs like Karl Malone, Worthy, Kareem to just dribble without constantly recieving bump animations giving you more freedom to iso. Nobody really knows cuz WHO ELSE REALLY DRIBBLES IN MYTEAM BESIDES TJ? Challenge me on the badge if you want, but strength n Bruiser is 2 of the most important things in the game lol. Try dribbling in front of someone with low strength, then high strength, then high strength w/ bruiser etc n tell me how it goes for you.


i iso on all my plays


I dribble and I never even realized this lmao it makes a lot of sense though, most my of the players I dribble with best have higher strength and/or bruiser

Shit’s so fun lmao idk how people are enjoying spamming pick and rolls and trail cheesing lmao

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Just wanted to say you are unwatchable. Seen one of your vids. Your style and commentary are not entertaining at all. I think you should look for somebody’s account to make a gameplay of the upcoming cards asap.

mhm, why you think i never did a trae young video? He was getting ABUSED when i tried to use him lmao. He’s ridiculously short with trash strength, lol he used to get penetrated on both ends.

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If I put gold bruiser on all my PG, SG, and SF they’ll dribble better?

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Have you tried out D Rose? Ik he’s 6’3 but he has solid strength and he gets an insane amount of Euro contacts dunks
Like a Harden/Giannis amount of contact dunks
And his dribble moves go crazy too

Unnecessary comment bro

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Why the hate brother are you ok?

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lmao i agree, how dare i make content completely different from other youtubers!! I should run plays because everyone else does it, and commentary? PFFFFFT LMAOOOOOOOO, lets not even get started on that. Lemme go make these videos on other accounts since i use my subscribers just to make money and not to actually put out content. lol who tf do i think i am thinking im some decent youtuber