Amazon Pre order Digital

Does anyone know if they deliver the code before the day? Just trying to pre-load the game that night if I can otherwise probably setting it up at 12 and going to sleep.

I’m pretty sure Amazon will give you the code at 12 or go into your games library on Amazon at 12and get the code

From what I can scrounge up for info you seem to be correct, I really want it digital but also to pre-load, do you know if there is anyway to do that?

Not with Amazon sadly. Maybe you can bug the costumer support but I think you will just have to wait for the code at midnight

Why not get it from xbox store?

Because I got a deal from amazon for the 20% off but that was when I intially was ordering the normal version. I had promo cash for that order because I had 5 games which got me $72. What I ended up doing is refunding 2 games, used the promo credit from 2k for the second game and am now gonna grab 2k through the Xbox store.