Am I tripping?

Or is Campus Legends Magic just overrated? I tried him out and was not happy with him at all

Nah he’s good. But the hide behind screens and 3 hunt playstyle a lot of pple use this year doesn’t work with him. Gotta run run


Other than shooting? You trippin

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He takes some time to get used to. I disliked him at first, but he really grew on me. His BTB is so deadly and his distributing is a lot of fun. The shot is pretty ugly but is greenable.

Naw I drove the whole time and only took one three. I just feel like the other y’all point guards are better at what he does well, you know?

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honestly I like to shoot with my PGs so I don’t run magic too much, but I just spam his BTB and drive and dunk or dish

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I’m guessing you’re a fan of Hedo?

GO Wade and Glitched TMac, but I’ve been running GOAT Magic a little the past few days.

Damn they’re wayyyyy out of my price range. I’ve bought and re sold Hedo too many times to count. He’s great, but he doesn’t quite has that sauce some players have. You catch my drift? Plus there’s something so satisfying about playing with a legit all time great instead of some bum with a galaxy opal



I’m on the exact same page. PD Wade is still great.

Man if you thought I had hot takes before, wait till you hear this one . . . I’m not terribly fond of DWade or base 98. Or PG13, but funnily enough this is the only year I actually like LaMarcus Aldridge shot

That being said I can definitely see why people like it