Am I the only one who picked up kg only to go back to AD?

Title. Just curious

I did the opposite, as soon as I picked up KG, AD had to go for sale


The more I used AD the more clunky he felt. Now that I think about it…it was probably the servers.

Might get him back. Him and like a few others are the only guys who can lock down 1-4.


Nah once i got kg it meant i had shaq so AD had to go :joy:


KG and AD are still fighting over who starts at 4. Both are just so good.

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Drob and kg is who should start.

I used PD AD for over 400 games and picked up the GO on the day he released. But pple pushed me to try KG so I did and now he plays over AD. KGs release is just so much better.


Im still shocked KG is so cheap. Is he the defensive god his stats say he is??

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Yea he’s definitely one of those immovable brick wall type of players that shuts down post spins and ball handlers bounce off of and lose control of the ball.

He doesn’t get as many pokes as AD but then again people don’t really dribble in front of my PF that much so I don’t mind that.

The release is just cash and it’s hard to close out on him.


Bruh I’m glad I ain’t the only one who felt this way. AD felt so weighted down. Then I got McHale. He feels like a fucking Ferrari truck. KG is right there in between. But the extra inch is nice. I’m rocking McHale now

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Yea clunky and weighed down are exactly the right words for GO AD


Say less Ima grab him.

Yeah someone mentioned that having wide shoulders make you feel like that think it was @dnttalktomeh cant remeber. But they were talking about Bron but Davis suffers from it too.

But yes he felt Clumsy and clunky as hell. He felt like he played with a weight vest on really bizarre man.

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Packed KG and he’s been a murderer at the bench 3 for me.

That new jumper is cashola, gets some great animations around the rim too.

I use both

I sold AD pretty quick. I liked Moses better. Duncan is better than both.

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Did they change PD KG’s shot when the Opal came out? Or just the opal has a quicker release? I wanna be cheap and grab the PD if that’s the case.

only opal has the new shot. the PD KG is worthless


I picked up KG…stuck with AD…and locked KG for shaq lol