Am I the only one that thinks this about MTU?

MTU is such a struggle when you’re grinding for the reward. After that, holy hell is it a cake walk. Any one else feel this way?


Nah I think people just get hella nervous when playing for the reward so they play differently. Once you have the reward you play normally because there’s nothing to lose. It’s just about staying calm and relaxed and not overthinking things.


Its because we put to much pressure on our selves when were going for a reward


Nah this game is just wack sauce sometimes. It definitely has an element that you can’t control at times. I even adjust settings and guys like Kareem will be off in the clouds for no reason. It’s myteam in general. Stress levels of course are lower when you have the reward. There’s nothing to lose

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11-0 no pressure


Is Manu even worth it?

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That’s what I’ve been asking myself lol. And I’m not even a big fan or really need him

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U got him? i’m sitting at 6-0

His jumpshot is a little slow but his playmaking abilities and badges make him worth picking up.


He would replace Petrie off the bench for me (he won’t replace Oscar lol) and I have great success with Petrie.

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Manus Moving fadeaway threes are money.


Got him!!! damn, that was so hard and such a sweatfest

My tip to everyone who struggle to get Manu, JUST BUY OSCAR ROBERTSON - best card i’ve used this year

Lol what happened to you, thought you were all about pick and roll abd pick and fade spamming.

I never said I’m only about pnp and pnr, they are not my only weapons

Can be said about many things in life