Am I the only one that sucks with Oden?

Real talk. I just can’t get this card to take off. At times he’ll have flashes of brilliance, but I think my card has broken badges. Lol. He’s constantly being out rebounded, and I’m just not a huge fan of his defense and post moves. I do like his release, and he’ll splash when open, but so far the struggle is real with this card, all things considered. I don’t get it.


He’s balling for me. Not the focus of my offense at all though

I have a game last night where my oden got outrebounded by d javale mcgee. I have to swap oden with mutombo. It’s one of those nights. Oden will still stay in my starting lineup though, for now :slight_smile:

I run lob city offense, he shines there.

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Hes great for me, but the other day hedo was defending and knocked me over twice and stole the ball even tho i was holding L2 backing up on him. Wtf.

His post game is only ok, but his fast, good D, can rebound and shoot 3, for the price you can ask for more.

I run Grit & Grind

Oden has 98def & 99off rebounding ratings
Also I set Crash Boards

He even outrebounded my wilt sometimes

Also I don’t force anything with him,
Aside from some pick and pop or alleys oops


What freelance/series is best for lobs?

Just simple pick and roll, you can see it there:

I ran JaVale and Oden in my lineup. Boards for days

Play him at SF and post up.

Nice video! Still remember your videos earlier in the year with warriors playbook. Too bad they nerfed it. What freelance are you using? The spacing is perfect. I use warriors freelance but never get that spacing.

Its Warriors freelance :sweat_smile: Just keep moving the ball. Also if you will try to post up at the free throw line everyone will move out to the side.

If i post up with Magic or GP i will post spin and if help comes over i will throw a lob to the cutter or a pass to an open 3.


Do you have Hakeem?

I don’t notice anything great or bad about him. He’s just solid and does enough to not warrant replacing him with that cheap price tag.

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I just feel like if you were good with Hakeem you’d be good with oden, i feel like they are one in the same except oden has speed which is why I run him over Hakeem, no reason to move on from him yet until we get another card equal to around wilt

Oden does most things better than Hakeem except for his post fade. Not a big fan of Odens, but he still makes a lot of them. Hakeem’s post fade is OP.

Oden is the Walmart version of wilt

I still use him and enjoy his card , but haven’t tried him at pf yet

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Nah, he’s that good Target version… just at the Walmart price.

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Your right, I sold him last night, I don’t run a lot of post ups, but when I do, I fade-away and his isn’t money for me, I just been using McGee and he fits my style better