Am I the only one that likes PD Lonzo over Pd Rose?

I got both from the codes and don’t like rose at all had him coming off the bench went 0-6 out Lonzo back in 3-1 lost 1 because of a bonehead mistake I made at the end of the game. I really don’t care if my pg scores 20 points or zero all I need them for is setting up my other guys. I’ll take 4 points and 12 assists over 20 points scored every day of the week


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Fultz >>>


It’s actually really easy to get assists with Rose with that 99 SWB.

You are probably the only one that likes Pink Diamond Lonzo period.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


There’s one other person on this forum that probably love PD Lonzo too. Cough cough he has him as his profile pic.

I use lonzo over rose too. Its an easy choice for me.


If u like assists outta ur pg then i can understand why u like lonzo. He got that dimer. But for me i like rose he comes off my bench but i have 0 issue getting @ least 5 assists a game w him. Hes so fast defense is gonna help to him cuz he can get by anyone @ anytime. N when he does…boom hit that open man.

I using Lonzo since I got him, next to diamond Kobe. Great size, hof dimer and I like his weird release. Its quite easy in the game imo.


Lonzo is pretty decent on defense but he STREAKY af when it comes to shooting. D Rose puts up at least 21/2/8 each game for me with at least 3 " D Rose ain’t a shooter " 3s…

This must be Mchris6 second account… lol

Lonzo better Rose is trash

I’m running West over both of them though him and Hondo are my splash brothers off the bench. Small but feisty defenders.