Am I the only one lagging like shit?

It like comes and go

Went 15 games missed every jumper


First of last month my input delay was crazy bad for a few weeks. Then it got better.

Today back to how it was at the beg of last month. I can’t hit any shots so I’m forced to drive every play.


Yea thats the most frustrating thing since you probably would have won a lot of those if you shot like 10 to 20 percent better.

First of last month I had to stop for a few days until the input delay got better.


Hitting more shots now it’s early morning in uk

I was just about to hop back on, it’s 2am here for me, blackout was kicking my ass anyway

Damn blackout? Where u at?

Cod blackout lol

Ahh word lol that modern warfare about to be my game

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Lol that’s my only go too when 2k ain’t it

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I like battlefield 1 and bought 5 that game is trash so pissed

I was this morning so badly about 13 hours ago

Sold pd melo because i figured i was bad with his release. Well thats was part of it

But as of past few hours its been better.


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i missed every shot wit opal mello lol was hot

Haven’t lagged all year on my team tbh, today is unbelievable had to quit back to back games

Thats why I grind tokens TTOffline for fun

Its like that on xbox. But realized it was more of an issue with input via the game and console when i heard some youtubers talking about it. It pretty much really bad on xbox, ps4 not being as bad. Something needs to be done about it.

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Russians were attacking the intrawebz yesterday.


I don’t even know anymore lol

I lagged so bad yesterday, got a loss in one and then a couple of games it just told me there was a problem connecting to servers and also got the loss. If i didn’t have Gervin already, I would’ve been mad.

Youtube, snap, uber…a bunch more were down for a while yesterday for some people.

I’m just blaming the Ruskies bc it’s the stylish thing to do nowadays.:man_shrugging: