Am I the only one feelings D’Angelo release

He doesn’t jump very high on it, it’s like a medium slow build up and then a quick flick of his wrist and it’s money, off the dribble I’ve greened more with him then I have other cards, this could be 2k new card sauce they put in this card but idk, I’m kinda feeling this card, I pulled 3 of them and I never really had a set in stone PG, just got PD Roy last night tho so I’m not tripping about klay, just yet


His release is nice af


Saph was (still is) a stud. Looking forward to copping this :gem:. That release is butter beans

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This card looks nice im just wondering will he dunk atall?

He dunks but not that often in traffic. Also won’t get you any posters

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Sapphire is too good

Lol ok thanks, as long as he can dunk atleast a lil bit im happy.

DLo got his dude in his feelings huh

He’s a better shooting James harden, even has little bit better defense, no hof badges tho

Is D’Angelo gonna be any cheaper than 60k?

I pulled him and I’ll take that

What’s his price looking like on XB1?

Probably not, HTB just uploaded a gameplay, he was like 23 for 39 behind the 3

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I saw that video. I can only hope

Just wish they gave him a hof badge

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I use his emerald for offline challenges and love the release

He’s so money. Not sure there’s a release I like better than his right now. I’d been using his Heat Check for a while to run through schedule challenges and his diamond is a hefty upgrade.

His release cash. Like a slingshot

Just pulled him how much is he going for? Plannin on selling him I don’t think I’ll use him over Magic

Not sure, and I’d never use him over Magic either. He’s a different player, but not near Johnson’s level. His release is just so smooth and easy, it’s such a quick one to pick up and green pretty consistently. I think that’s the appeal along with some complimentary stats and adequate badges.

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