Am I missing something?

Link me if so. Today instead of a promo, we got magic fucking Johnson.

Now we’re supposed to wait all weekend probably for current all star moments.

I see they don’t like taking our $$$ for promos



Wow what a douche

I guess moments will be released Saturday night after skills/3/dunk

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I thought you only knew magic came out

It’s just so sad how content is released this cycle. One thing that didn’t need to change. Fucking half ass moments cards

Nah kobe


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Maybe duo’s tonight?

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Forgot bout rising star mvp


A Jordan/Pippen duo that gets MJ’s 3PT to at least 85 would be pretty game changing for me.


Where the fuck is my promo with pd vince

U mad?

Keyboard warriors SMH , mom forgot to bring lunch down to the basement im assuming

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I got both of them in case they do that, our luck tho there will be a new pippen in throwbacks next week that will go with this mj :man_facepalming: