Am I losing my mind?

Fist 35 Horns X… it’s triggering a different play branch from the beginning and I don’t have a clue how to make it trigger one from the other. This isn’t your typical trigger either. It’s like it’s two completely different plays. I’m convinced it’s glitched lol

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally run Fist 35 Horns Quick on accident? Because I know pretty well what Fist 35 Horns X does and have had no problems.

Nah horns quick is the screen for the two shooter simultaneously. This is different

Do I need to be using that play. Because I need to defeat the equalizer

I run into the same problem with quick 2 dive cnr. One creates a quick look in the cornee from a screen. And the other the dude goes for a RUN lol. Takes so long. Only thing i can think of is maybe the play depends on how the defense reacts ? I dunno

It’s crazy how it triggers a completely different play. I’m figuring it’s either a smart read or a glitch lol

Think I figured out how to make it work. It’s still crazy though. No other play I’ve seen like this. I have to break the play to make the different screen work