Am I just crazy or is this right?

Am I just crazy or is this right?

Jelly Tripucka with a 99 strength and I’m only on ruby still? Is this a glitch? Is this a joke? Was this dude just clapping people back in the day or something? I know he was an all star but that’s all I knew, was he also a weight lifting champ?

Yeah bro, K Trip used to work down at Ford pushing all the new cars onto the semi trucks to be delivered. :joy::rofl:


Does he get decent speed with ball at any point? How bad is the grind?

It’s not bad just points, assists, & 3’s. I think it’s 60 games total too. Check the Evo thread.

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I love this card. His shot is money. Wish the post shots were better since he has 200 strength.


2KMTC says fully evolved Tripucka has 105 strength


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Jelly Kelly a beast my bois

They didn’t update Jojo 94 interior defense I hope they don’t touch Kelly.

It’s true tho, even though he has 99 strength it gets +5 on his last evo

Jojo white interior defense is right, that’s what he suppose to have
This is past two years in 2k

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