Am I crazy

I have 0 of the spotlights done but now seeing arenas, Kobe n Hakeem kinda make me wanna start this shit ughhhhhh y’all think it’s worth it if I’m at 0 now


I am, haven’t played in about two months lol

Me and my roommate will conquer, been itching for a perfect card


Man I am going for it, the grind is for Kobe and the card feels special. I am doing it on a slow pace so I do not end up frustrated.


Nope. Playing off and on now but once class is over next week I’m doing a team a day and hopefully have him in about a month.


No chance I do this. 300 games against the CPU. Video games are supposed to be fun, not a second job.


You not crazy but you should’ve started this a month ago :smiley:

I originally said no way.

Saw Kobe and said " hmm I might cave".

Started grinding for Petrie and it’s the 4th quarter of Game 3 and there is ZERO chance I complete these. I might look at Thurl if he has good animations but I might take Petrie and bail.

The challenges suck. Sure they’re easy but they are not even dynamic like non of these teams even play like themselves it just feels like it’s a time waster. Why don’t the Bad Boys Pistons and Bulls play like how they did irl? Shits trash.


Historic Spotlight is like playing on Rookie, Spotlight Sim is like playing on HoF against the good teams

Yeah ngl that Arenas made it tough for me cause I really want him. And if I’m getting Arenas I probably should get the West done as well to get Hakeem, right? And if I’m getting Hakeem I might as well go for Kobe, right? :rofl: :rofl: Nah I gotta stay away man, not sure I’d have it done before July anyway.

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It is very painful (no doubt), but if you watch some YT or Netflix, listen to music, talk to friends in a party, etc. it is bearable. Just don’t let the game be your primary focus during that time, chill out a bit. Would also recommend using cards you’ve never tried out before or don’t use often and rotating through those guys frequently to keep it fresh.


We just need to grind it on the long run, you can do few games a day, add an extra one during weekends and rest from the game to keep it fresh, doing a bit of it everyday will get you there sooner than what you expect.

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I can’t fathom how any of all can consider doing this in April. Y’all are soldiers for real

Im not gonna grind just to see the 2k21 trailer drop right when I get what I want. I even have some done and I might do some more but there is just a 0% chance I finish.

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Petrie isn’t any good rn i hear bc they changed his shot…

Kudos to those who go and get Kobe. I promise to never quit if I see him on the lineup.

Yeah he doesn’t have Base 98. I locked the Blazers at launch so I figure why not grab him and see if he can be a free back up. Can’t wait to get him in freestyle.

Harden, Mullin, Arenas, Hakeem, and Kobe. All GOs. Kobe is basically perfect. For 300 games. Plus all the MT, tokens, and other Diamonds and PDs.

Some of these Diamond Sim players are being ran by comp players like Tydebo.

When you put it in perspective, 2K is giving us a lot for just playing the game. Look up @D1M3R tips and go for it.

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After seeing kobe card, no way I won’t get him.
Come on he has almost everything 99, and it’s kobe, and free. Plus the other cards…

My tips?

Ha changed. Tagged the wrong person. I’m sure you have some tips too :joy:

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