Am I being unwise

If this is my team and I’m sitting on 280k with the marker slightly down ?
If yes, who should I go after

It’s a buffet. Go eat.

So do we think this market will be back up tomorrow

All I know is that it’s low right now and that’s what matters. Tomorrow could be lower or tomorrow could return to the average. Why risk it.

Shaq, limited wade, and limited Roy looking sort of attainable.

My hesitation is that Sampson was going really low a couple weeks ago. A fully dressed Thurmond also easy 100k snag

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I think you need an elite C

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Feel like the center market isn’t as down as everything else. Want Shaq but feel like Sampson is more balanced m

I literally sold PD thurmond this morning for 170k with contract and pink adidas diamond shoe

I think both of those guys are good choices, I preferred Shaq but I think Sampson is better verses people that offball

Sell pippen for kawhi

Go pick up Marc gasol

Judging by your lineup, Sabonis, Ilgauskas or Gasol is who you want. Move Porzingis to the bench and you have similar players as starters and bench players. Josh plays just like a mini Blake. Just got one back for the collection.