Am I a MyTeam God?

I just took this lineup to PD in Supersweat I faced PD Lebron’s and Giannis’ and prevailed and went on an 8 game win streak to enter I actually feel good

Nice… congrats… do you 5 out

No that’s sweaty

No. You just equalized them with your bullshit squad.


Sorry I don’t spend money on the game, I’ve got my priorities straight and there’s no need for hate lol


If you dealt with the worst of the worst, then I would say yeah. This year’s gameplay is the worst it’s ever been, especially considering the asshats and douchedicks that run cards way out of position. I ran a game against TMac at C and TD and DRob couldn’t grab a board to save their life. How sway?

I’m currently in a match against PD Bron at point, PD Giannis at C. I gave up after halftime. It’s just not worth my frustration. This game is bullshit, some people are lames that need a virtual reward to compensate for their lack of a life.

You are a great player. Even though that’s not the worst team at this stage, it’s still an under 150k squad, which most times isn’t enough against the uber try-hards and sweater-extremes of SuperCheese.

Congrats, Partner!

Yah relax brotha. Guys got no choice. Tbh though a lot of those budget ballers that beat you actually know how to play. Ive been clamped by zone and crazy user bump steals. I actually get scared when i see squads like this. I do agree eq is real. But looks like this guy just doesnt pump money in the game. Smart on him. No neeed to hate. Although title of this thread is a little much lol


I hate those types of team because my players play shit against them, even if I still won by +20 pts or so, but they are so hard to okay against

Budget ballers are mostly 5 out scumbags. Sorry.


Thanks, I’ve been through it all and I had a god squad last year, I even spent money but this year I wont give 2k money because the game is simply trash but I did feel accomplished since it was very to make it with this and not cheese like others.

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He said he didnt though. I know 5 out sucks. But tbh playing someone who strictly 5 outs can work to your adv. You know exactly what hes gunna do. So think one move ahead. Orrr learn how to play zone d reallly well. It takes time but ive cut down my 5 out rage by learning how to force 5 outers out of their play style. Toggle your sf and pf to make sure they stay tight on the corners. Or play man to man but toggle through your players to walk into the paint. 5out works cuz the paint is wide open. Just randomly put different people there.

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That’s what I have learned to do, its weird tho one day it just clicked and I was locking down five outers easily

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Yeah, I totally believe him… Sure, he still got equalizer help. I bet he flash pauses half court bricks by Ruby J.R. Smith too.

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I also will admit the title is a bit much but I got excited because I haven’t fully lost my mind grinding this game mode out for once

Quantum whats with all the negativity

Yea at this point of the year if you don’t have a full diamond squad you are most likely abusing the EQ. You have players with 20k bins with over 4k attributes and with the MT you can get from DOM you can easily make a diamond starting 5

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Read @Nay post.

For a long time I’ve considered hanging it up, and with Bron on every team, I think it’s time. Last year I dominated with Bill Walton, who took me to the promise land where PD Duncan was waiting for me. Last year I balled out every game, understand the game mechanics and didn’t have to cheese to prestige.

They ruined this game. It’s just the worst, and after I’m done selling my unnecessary assets/ dust-collecting cards, I’m selling my MT and leaving to do something more productive with my lonesome self.

You gotta give the benefit of the doubt bro. Just cuz the game makes you angry doesnt mean you should immediately think that everyone is a greaser.

Played DOM and wasted all my MT early in the year had to snipe to get the players I have, Sorry I I don’t dump money into the game like yall do I spend it wisely and save for real things and not virtual cards