Alright, which one of you weirdos is trying to price fix 90 Embiid?

So it’s you then… Yosemite :rage:

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Grab him while he’s 30k, when he gets those all 99 stats he was 150k+

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Which console

I’m way too nervous to ever try and price fix a card. Risky investment lol


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It’s good to do on rare cards. Usually old promos

Who tryna put together a price fixing team on PS4 tho. Like heat check Caruso or somethin

All for a whole 200XP.

Someone seemed to be price fixing diamond Tim Duncans on 2k20 just a few weeks ago. 20 of them up for 4850 MT which is not even a lot. My card sold for 4400 instantly. I don’t get it.

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If you could use any Embiid price fixing wouldn’t really exist as much. They are really fumbling the ball with these moment type challenges which is to be expected.

Can you use heat check Joel Embiid for the challenge