Alright, which one of you weirdos is trying to price fix 90 Embiid?

Literally someone blasted the AH with like 50 Amy Embiids for 50-70k and he’s still 30k+ lol Should I sell mine? What’s goin on?


Xp challenges, I’d sell for sure

It’s not even worth to do the challenge. Lose 5k MT on the sellers fee for 200xp :confounded:


Title got me rolling :rofl: My guess: Chinese SafeNSoundMT CFO :cold_face:


not worth it at all…its nice 2k doing moment xp challenges but the 21’ players have only been available in 2 packs so far, once the market is flooded with 21’ players with new packs it will be fine

He was going for 10k last night and then by the time he had dropped 40 in the game he was up to 20k. He’s going for 30 now???

Yep. He was price fixed hard. Put mine up for 30 and he sold instantly

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smh…this is why I don’t play 2k anymore

I now have a variety of rubies and sapphires in my auctions just in case this happens again with someone like Tatum

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I get why people would do similar stuff for ps5 cuz it makes them real money
but really, for nba2k and 200 xp agenda challenges
this is a new low

i did notice someone was trying to do the same thing for zach lavine a few nights ago
so happy they all lost the mt for nothing now lol


Literally just done his XP challenge because I packed him went to sell him and he only went for 20k still better than nothing

Is that why Zach is a lil pricey for an emerald :sob::joy:

Yep when he had the 10 3s 45 points game people stocked him up immediately, but seems 2k aint releasing any challenges for him


@6thManSam Heatchecks better be involved to these challenges. :pleading_face: as '21 or Hc player i mean. Price fixing is a thing now.

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lmao damn straight
i was a bit mad that i actually got the heat check embiid not the normal one lolz

I’m holding HC KD in case he goes up like Curry did

That has happened every year since HC was introduced. Last year I had HC Spida, he went to 94 and I sold him 75k

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That’s a pretty great price actually. Didn’t think Donovan would go for that much

I have every top hc player except Curry :joy:

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Who you calling a weirdo, weirdo