Alright guys.. keep or sell?

How are yall handling your new players you get whether it be from domination or from packs or however? Selling immediately or saving in hopes of prices going up?

Depends on your goal. Do you want to go up on the collector levels? I want that J.R so I been keeping every single card I get. If I get a card for a really good sniping price I sell him and then buy him when I see him cheaper


Sell now cause people will rip on the 11 = lower prices

People on the 11th won’t have 50k


The people who get the game on the 11th start out with 0MT

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oh jk

selling immediately so i can stack MT for collector rewards. My team gonna be all reward cards then ill sell everything back

Just be like me rocking all Emeralds spamming 2 3pt plays :sweat_smile:

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Just sold Warriors playbook for 10,000 MT. Max you can sell it for. Otherwise everything else except Amy and ruby is so cheap in AH right now I don’t even know what to sell.

So we should be buying on standard day 1 right? People will be desperate and selling for the low?

I’m trying to read how this will go with the mt influx lol

Prices will go up once normal edition is up, prices on Rubies and Amy’s already are rising because people grinded enough MT to buy players to upgrade their teams, with insane amount of people who will only be buying stuff on Tuesday, i can only see prices going up more, but i’ve been wrong before.

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Prices will go down up until the official release though. There will be a lot of movement Sunday and mnday

But wont people who get the game Tuesday be ripping packs with VC causing alot of these cards to go down somewhat

I just want as much mt as possible. I’ve never fallen into locking cards in or anything like that and regretting so I really don’t want to start now. I just feel this move is very crucial on how much mt I can make since I got lucky and pulled pretty good cards with my original 100k and my 75k I bought

As long as they go up according to plan :thinking:

Whats your goal? Im aiming for that free 250 Tokens at 1000 cards so Im selling everyone valuable

I’m collecting for sure

But I got this Amy Baron

And I got a Diamond contract

And I know it’s 100K easily

So I’m sitting on it

I’m selling, I think everything is going down once the masses start ripping packs.


So the best cards in the game for the next 1-2 weeks are gunna be real cheap and affordable? I just don’t really see it