Alonzo Mourning feedback

Anyone have any feedback on Zo? Looking to add a backup 5. Thanks

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Tbh, I’d rather go for Amy PJ Brown instead of PD Alonzo.

That’s just my opinion though

He honestly looks like a better version of Bill Russell and that’s saying something


He’s a beast on both ends, might be better suited for PF depending on matchup but he’s a monster regardless. Only downside is his jumper is weird looking, but if you get used to it it’s slow and easy to time

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The only two things that sucks about this Alonzo is that he’s 6’10” (and there are 7’0”+ Centers (and at a lower tier) that has about or more LQ than Alonzo) and he’s a PD (he’d get EQ’d real hard against the godly Budget Centers)

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However, I love the Alonzo at 4 idea, it’s much better than putting him at the 5

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His jumper is so slow it’s to the point of unusable unless you are WIDE open.

He’s a little undersized as well.

There are better options, like Drob, Ewing, and Oden.


I would probably run him at the 4, 5 against smaller C’s. I’m running Sabonis and Oden so I couldn’t see him knocking either out of lineup

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But with the shot contest tho, his height shouldnt be as much of an issue with his badging. But u pretty much lose a offensive position since his shots so slow.

Damn it’s that slow ?

Yea it is slow . I would just use him for offensive and defensive rebound and stayimg in the post. He got a ok three point shot for a big man. But just too slowr release to shoot .

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Anyone got a clip of his jumper?

It’s ingrained in my mind, from previous 2K’s, that Zo’s jumper is dookie.

I tried out his Free Agent in Freestyle, and I don’t remember it being weird, but it was on the slow side for sure.

And I would only think of him as being Russell-esque in the sense of his approximate size and the fact that he’s a really good overall defender. But along with Zo having 3pt range, consider Bill having stupid Speed/Accel, SWB, and BC for a Center.