Aloha from Hawaii yall

Taking a break from this mess


Nice View Bro!! Enjoy the Vacation :innocent::sunny:

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Thats awesome! Enjoy, dont sign into a ps4 whilst you’Re there lol

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Lol I have my laptop, could have brought the controller and played remote. But I’ll let my wife have all the attention this time around


Haha she deserves the time bro, i couldnt imagine my partner spending this much time on something unproductive and giving it money. 2k gf’s are the real mvp lol


Have fun and enjoy your time!!!

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^ what he said :slight_smile:

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Nice! Looks like kaanapali Maui. If you wanna get fancy check out Lahaina grill. Super pricey but incredible food

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The land of Tacoma trucks. Enjoy man!

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beautiful place, have fun bro

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Nice view!!!

Have fun & be safe my guy

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Good eye bro.

We are right there haha

Just drove the the hill to Haleakala crater and road to Hana.

Two stressful drives, but honestly really great driving experiences.

Thought I was gonna die y’all lol