Almost to fire ball need help!

I have all the balls I need except the red white and blue. For some reason I can’t search it and I also need a few nba Christmas balls. Any help is appreciated!!

i assume its the token market balls. you need to get the required number of token players to get the ball reward

I need a few of those too but I have to tokens to get them just waiting until I have the rest. The red white and blue ball is a silver ball I can’t find on the AH. 1 of my buddies has it and looked and there weren’t any in AH. He locked it in so I couldn’t get his.

is this what you need?

nvm just saw your on the box

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Can’t you search the AH and filter out the cards you already have? It should only show this one that you are missing. (sometimes the AH glitches and it says “no results found” but if you try again it will -if there are cards up-).

When I tried to enable none popped up it acts like there’s none of those for sale.

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Are you on PS4? I see 3 of them on the AH right now.

No I’m on Xbox.