Allan Houston

Dude’s dunking stats/badges/tendencies are all messed up, but what a sweet stroke. Been greening with him more than any other player I’ve played with. Feels like how Ray Allen should feel. Release is not super-slow nor super-fast—kinda right in the middle. Give him a run if you run 3pt plays + need a decently cheep sg. He should be even cheeper this afternoon with an impending buyers market.

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His release is great indeed. I would have kept him, but I went for Klay and Ray duo.

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Had him last season when he came out as one of the Supermax rewards. One of the easiest jumpers to green.

Very good card and sweet realise.
I’ve wait for his card and by far I’m not dissapointed.

Realise feel much smoother than in previous 2k.
Has size, 3point plays and defense isn’t bad as well.

For me much better card than RayRay.

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Wondering if I should sell my Stackhouse for him? Or Mo Pete? Sitting on 175k but I’m getting Granger 1000%

Stackhouse is more versatile player, not a distance shooter.
MoPete can be even better than Houston but he lacks of 3pt plays.

Depend how you use a guy.

If you run plays and you need a spot up shooter then Houston is a good choice (or Ruby Klay)

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You nailed it. I wish Mo Pete had those plays. Houston is at his best if you run 3pt plays. He’s also nice pulling up in transition.

Thanks for the input. I let my coach call my plays so probably gonna stick with Stack. Depending what I have leftover after buying Granger I may rent Allan for a little. I’m a Knicks fan so I’m doing my best to be logical haha

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This card might be one of my favorites this year.

Best release in the game imo

Is he better than ruby Klay?

Is his defense good enough?

His D has been fine for me at shooting guard.

Wow really you like it better than Klays? How about Mo?

I dont like klays its too fast for me and mo is ok. I like releases during a peak of a jump

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Have you used Diamond Peja yet? I have the same release preference and Peja is just butter.

I havent but planning to get him

He’s better.
Better shooter and can create a shoot for himself.

also has nice post stats

he shoots better when it’s contested lol