All time team tourney PS4

salary cap: each team gets a cap of 20 points, opals are worth 5, pink diamonds are 3, diamonds are 2, amethysts are 1, and ruby/below is 0.

The player eligibility requirements:

The player must either have played 50 games for the team or must be on the team currently. If you plan to use a pink diamond or higher, the player must have averaged 13+ points per game or made the all star game for that team (Certain exceptions will have to be allowed, and some players may be vetoed do to inaccuracies).

Gameplay requirements: cards can only play at the position one up or one down from the one listed on their card. You are expected to onball for a majority of the game, other than getting around screens and following 3 pt plays. You must have a minimum of 10 players on your team who each play at least 9 minutes.

Tournament format: teams are split up into 2 conferences, and 4 divisions of 5 players, you must play against every team in your division to determine the rankings within your division. The bottom 2 seeds from each division will have an extra game to see who gets in to the tournament. After all games have been played within the “group stage”, you will play against the team from the other division (if you are the one seed in one division, you will play the 4 seed in the other division in your conference).

Conference X:
Division A: jpro6903, @dadevangarret, @Morpheus, @FinesseGod202, @DetroitBarcelona
Division B: @YOSEMITE_HAM, @rjense02, @Ihateoffballers, @Ddrop, @Billyincognito

Conference Y:
Division C: daruler, Ben, eddysbg, superboy051, crm514
Division D: OGxSuave, DisrespectfulKO, 6thManSam, Mosestyreke, DocSmith


I have a four day weekend coming this week so I’m interested. We doing a wager?

This is cool but I can’t burn MT trying to make an All Time team or I would’ve been in. We might as well just use the real All Time teams and play on superstar. Just a thought.

this is me has to be some type of restriction, if not im cool with just watchin yall ball


Well you really should only be using maybe one opal, and you get to pick which one it is, so I can’t imagine the teams will be worth more than like 250k mt, but if more people share your concern I will look into a cap.

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I’m in and I want the heat . What happened to that other league earlier in the year ?

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i have about 400k to play with so what ever i can buy with that ill compete. Also is their a buy in?

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No buy in I don’t think, I may do like a 100k mt prize just to give it some meaning.

Sounds legit

Tag anybody you think would be interested, we need to get some more people in here to heat things up.

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Give me the nuggs

Alright, will assign teams officially tomorrow (assuming there is enough interest), will mark you down.

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Maybe t wolves for me

I’ll have to generate some mt

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Opal kg?

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Damn anyone call the lakers?

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Or how we doing these teams

I guess it doesn’t matter since we have a cap

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Yeah, most of the teams should be about the same, but you can have lakers if you’d like.

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I’m down. I’ll take the Toronto Raptors.