All time favorite my team card?

All time favorite my team card?

For me it’s probably the limited Kobe from last year what about you guys?

Spent so much time evolving him so for me… 2k20 Diamond Terrence Ross

He was an absolute monster earlier in the year so was Xavier McDaniel

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Jerry Lucas diamond domination reward from a couple years back. Absolute boss


2k15 unguardable post fade god LaMarcus Aldridge

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PD Wade (2k20)

Robert Pack 2k13

Opal worthy

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Last year’s opal Jimmy butler

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opal ak47 2k19

Porzingis, excluding any version from 2K20.


This year’s RoCo

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2K14 Gold Michael Jordan (X360).

This card was super fun I used it at center and he outrebounded and outran all the end game centers.

Also I will mention opal KD from 2K19


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Opal Collector Giannis last year

image 9283i1 kirya

2K19 was so much fun


Gold Jimmy Buckets in 2K16

in no particular order opal shaq (2k19) opal simmons (2k19) opal bol bol (2k20) diamond 97 kyrie (2k16) diamond dame (2k16) pd dame (2k19 and 2k20) 2k17 diamond kd, pd broy (2k19) diamond ak47 (2k19) diamond jayson tatum (2k18) ruby boris diaw (2k18)

if i had to pick one then probably 2k16 :gem: kyrie
the throwback one not the finals one

Spotlight Giannis pretty GOAT tier imo - pretty crazy that a ‘free’ card was the best card in the game for like 2 months. Diamond Kirilenko in 2k19 was a real one too.

amethyst rubio (2k18) :heart: