All Time Domination is easier on last gen

Just FYI. I beat normal Dom on next gen(PS5). I moved on to all time Dom and lost my first game. I used Amy Tim Hardaway, Draymond, Horford and Diamond TJ Warren. So even if I go back and win I knew it was going to be a struggle for me every game.

I have the legends edition so I have the PS4 and PS5 versions. I decided to try the PS4 version of 2k22 for the first time after that and my first two games of all time Dom were blowout wins. 5 out and pick and rolls pretty much scores every time with Hardaway/Horford. Even Ruby starter Donovan Mitchell and emerald Embiid were dominating in the pick and roll.

Just thought id mention it if you are finding all time Dom hard and have the option of switching. I could see the PS4 version being my offline XP/Dom/Challenge grinding version. And PS5 for online play.


AI defense is so much more difficult than current. It’s actually pretty obnoxious

What are the differences in gameplay?
Does last gen still allow manual cuts to the basket?

Yes you can still hold Triangle/Y and release to make someone cut on last gen. Which makes it easy to get Dunks/Assists.

I find it annoying that you can’t press L1 to select the player you want to come and set the screen. I don’t remember if that is just not in the last gen version or I don’t remember how to do it.

We really went and turned it around from last year huh lol

I’m pretty sure you can select who sets a screen. I need to go back and check since manuals aren’t online yet, but check in the in-game manual/tutorial.

I think maybe it’s L1 then R1 like you’re calling a play but instead of just tapping on the player’s corresponding icon, you hold it for a screen from them?

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I believe if you press L1/LB and select positional playcalling, you can then hold the button of the player you want to set the screen

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I played 3 games on last gen… I’m shooting better, getting fouled more (great for domination) and playcalling is so much better! Loading times are terrible though

I don’t wanna hear this lol, I will try it tonight I don’t wanna go back but if it makes it easier I will

I’m thinking of getting it on PS4 after buying basic version on PS5

So how much MT do you actually need to win? The Mt it says doesn’t seem to matter. Is it just win for now?

I know on the PS5 version MT amount didn’t matter as I missed it and still got 3 stars. Not sure about PS4 since I have not missed the MT requirement yet. Maybe they patch the MT thing eventually so I kinda want to finish domination before that.

I can’t even get into the games I get an error code.

I don’t get the MT calculating screens at all. It just goes to the pause/quit menu and I quit and get 3 stars. This is Last gen PC.