All time domination bug

All time domination bug

Damn man, I played 4 time all time nba superstar difficulty I win but end up I just get all star reward only… I didn’t receive 3star 24token
First time I played I get nothing
2nd time I play I get 2 star reward
3rd time n 4th get nothing
at the end of match the difficulties Mt there show 1.50 it means all star difficulties right? Why like this anyone happen before?

Not sure if it’s still the case, but sometimes the score differential is glitched and gives you too much MT in the post game screen. Your true MT total for the game is the number on the upper right corner you briefly see added to your MT bankroll when you exit to the myteam menu. it is that MT total that determines if you met requirements.

Basically it didn’t give me the 3rd star… And wasted my 3 contract for playing the same game :pensive: already communicated with live chat team he say they will investigate :confused:

OP, it sounds like you need some quick through STS from the Nets playbook.


There’s another bug the reward for all time dom is fucking ass

That is painful when you don’t get all the stars u need in a game. Then it happen when you play a hard team. I completed regular, historic and all time domination and am glad am done with that mess . I had at least 3 games i played and won in overtime or won shooting a quick three and it went in then when I quit the game . It glitch me and close the whole game out with a error . Then I played historic game where I won and got more then enough points to get all stars but they only have me two. I looked a the mt requirements and I was 122 over but end up having to play them again.

What’s the new bug?

I get a chance fast break also get block by opponent

Without sts playbook I won’t play this all time dom :rofl:

I keep trying to play finally the 7th time they give me 3 star n 24token just 15min ago… Thanks god :joy:

I also get 2 star in All time rocket at first I tot my mistake but then I realise is a bug :disappointed:

Played superstar difficulty in all time dom should get 3 star and the reward but they just gived 2 star or even no reward…

They need to fix this. You already grind and spend 25 to 30 mins per game and getting two stars or error is just messed up. I almost cried when I beated the all time warriors after so many tries just to only get kick of the game and get no rewards. I barely won in overtime. Mason get a quick three with 2 sec left on the clock and I got excited . And i hit quit game and I was kicked to the PlayStation Main screen. I had to start the game over and got to myteam with no rewards but contracts gone from the game

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I feel you bro although I bet it easily (thanks to the net playbook) but then wasted our time n contract is very annoying n mad… I didn’t get kick out just nothing happen at the domination menu there only

Have you complain to 2k? I already told them n they will investigate I think more ppl go will more effective

Naw I just did not most .get mad and rage then replayed it and won. Contacting 2k last year was a pain and useless. So I know it might be the same.