All Time Cards Update

This is a strange release for today. Just saw it in 2KDB. DM cards with almost no HOF badges.

Edit: Looked at the cards more closely. Interesting while in general there is a lack of badges, the Ruby cards actually have 3-5 HOF badges. I am not sure if this was released by mistake early or what is going on. In addition, there are cards that appear more than once. I noticed at least 2 LeBron cards. Overall, there are 450 cards, so should be easy for those trying to move up to get collecting rewards to get them now.

They’re just released to dilute the pack odds. Unlike the playoff set where they just copied the highest tier card of that player, I believe these are copy pasted from the all time domination rosters.

That makes sense. 2k theory of business - better to be lazy than innovative.

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And they just released news that the company made over 4 billion in microtransactions this year. Proud to say I contributed $0.00 to that amount. “Work smarter, not harder” the 2k motto

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They launched these to increase DM pack odds to 5%. Crappy filler cards, yay.

We can just hope for a NBA live Comeback


I used to play that all the time back in the day. Hell, if they came out with a reboot of NBA street that you could play online I wouldn’t need to buy 2k anymore

I know I put this down initially, and most of the cards are trash, but there are some amazing cards hidden in this set.
Best, to me, is 86 Cooper. I believe 4 HOF defensive badges, easiest 3 to hit in the game, and can play PG at 6’7”.
Bothe duos are really good, esp when playing clutch offline. Sonic Payton duo (with GO schlempf) is really amazing.
Would also add Toronto’s McGrady and Sixers Mo Cheeks really fun to use offline and likely in a future Limited challenge.

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