All Time 90s Team does not steal in Freestyle

All Time 90s Team does not steal in Freestyle

I was trying to show my Dad how to dribble and drive, steal, etc. in 2KU offline Freestyle. He uses the 90s All Time Team, so he was practicing with them. I was using current Lakers. You can play 1v1 like the old school Jordan vs. Bird game if you just log in 2 controllers on opposite sides.

I was trying to show him how to use square to steal and 90s AT Jordan would not steal. I thought he was just confusing buttons so I tried. He was actually using the controller correctly. So I switched to Pippen and still nothing. I was using LBJ for the Lakers, he was stealing just fine.

Hss anyone else noticed this? I did not test all the guys in Freestyle, nor did I take it to a game yet to test.

lol thats a funny bug

They had to nerf the 90s guys somehow because they’re so much better at D than the load-managing softies :wink:


Shout out to your dad playing 2k. Mine loves to shoot around in myteam freestyle hah

The steal button for the 90’s guys is just hand checking.

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What’s the flop button for the modern era guys?

Double tap B