All that noise for nothing

Well, not “nothing”, but do you think we got what we hoped for?

My day consisted of getting a twitter notification from 2K that spoke of “stay tuned for a big card drop”…

Then flying through traffic to get home because in the comment section, cards were already being pulled…and WHAT? PD LBJ!! OMG…I can’t believe it…WHAT 2 PD cards!! THIS IS INSANE, I can’t miss out on some packs.

I hope onto my Xbox, ignoring my family as I fly downstairs to light up remote…WHAT? UPDATE…OMG, this won’t take long…felt like forever, but was easily 20 minutes - which in pack land, as you know, can be the difference between IT and THIS AIN’T IT.

I buy some VC…oh well, who needs to send the kids through school. RIP a 20 Moments box…sick, got Kryie, then I get PD Kemba…WOW, BOX FIRE. Make some room with some quick sells in my AH and go for round two.

I get a Diamond LBJ…yeah, but I want the PD one! I go to move stuff to my auction and in my haste quick sell my entire on deck auction items - FUCK! No worries, maybe 2K can track it and do something…turns out NOPE. My loss.

Then as time goes on - I look at the Diamond LBJ…what…same as PD…what is going on? What? Not a
PD…but posts as one on the AH? Okay, so NOT a PD, just a mind fuck to sell packs. SMH - fuck you 2K - fuck you…


PD card is 96-98 overall

Well said OP. Well said.

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Right…but PD are also Pink…just sayin - I certainly saw and searched for SF under PD and found LBJ going for a smashing amount of MT - players must be upset that thought they were buying something they didn’t get.

Just 2k finding ways to scam money nothing new here

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Yeah I have a feeling the backlash is going to be crazy.

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I saw pds on the AH then I realized pds at 96 ovr and didn’t buy it. Sometimes knowing basic info about the game saves ya but its still 2ks fault for doing that

I would consider colours more basic knowledge than the number - but preach, I enjoy the salt in the fresh would lol

“basic knowledge about the game” nevertheless still 2ks fault