All stars Team up today again

Will be funny as hell ahah


Yeah Ty live now. Cant wait to watch this


I’m in here. Ty record on stream 224-2? Jesus Christ

This will be funny xD

Dbg want yao ahah

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The 2KG community should do this :joy_cat:


OT this is a movie lol

They should make this all time players better , they even have QuickDraw it’s so ass ahah but make this more funny

Dummy foul by Kareem.


Droppin N bombs rofl

Splash went the fuck off lol

Tjay smashed his controller bruh this hilarious

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They should do all PGs or guards

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This is hilarious. I love this. I wish I could sponsor this.

Uncle Drew gonna get busy

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Who’s that on the mic sounds like they from a third world country :joy:

:joy::joy::joy: I’m seeing dbg now to listen splash he is so funny xD

Damn Ty and them are getting run off of the court. Savage.

Splash and his squad is no joke.


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Splash MVP

ThEy should all time players better they are so bad :joy:
They can’t create any offense even with the mismatch .
But even more funny it’d DBG complimenting himself :joy:

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