All Star Team Up is terrible

So i was bored with MyTeam, decided “hey why not a few games of PNO” and came to realize #1, you have to unlock players by winning with the garbage roster players.

While i was mad, i got over it and hopped in…jesus christ the people in this mode are brain dead. Like i have NEVER seen such bad decision making in my life shit makes me wonder if these dudes have ever watched a basketball game, Giannis is unstoppable, everyone has steady shooter, and defense is non existent.

almost forgot, almost NONE of the 2k20 roster has quickdraw so shooting sucks.

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speaking of which, if u can get enough players together private all star teamup with the custom roster glitch i found can easily balance things and make cards as bad or as crazy as you want

When you get to GOAT tier it makes it much better rather than choosing from only current players

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I’ve had a few fun games. I’m on tier 3 of the first level and Luka at SG is pretty good as long as ur teammates can play help defense

How do the custom roster glitch?

I am playing with friends few times and that we could use a team with European people buffff

The first couple rounds of players are terrible. Giannis runs through all the teams. Middleton has gold quick draw I think. And Bledsoe is a monster too. That teams stacked.

Lol don’t play player control until you get to the higher tiers. Breeze through the lower tiers with regular 5 v 5 and then dab into the player control. I agree tho they’re all brain dead.

How you do that?

Skill gap mane it’s lit

You just way to spoiled by myteam where everybody gets HoF gd and can pull up with the smallest of space. Welcome to somewhat realistic ratings and badges.
Brain dead teammates suck though…

part of the skill gap is overcoming terrible garbage can teammates


you should really just expose the glitch…no one would want this patched not even devs

bruh not even curry has quickdraw i believe…myplayers shouldnt be better than nba players

takes time away from the myteam game mode. also in the post i had i posted it quite a few times

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The lineup glitch is easy to do but it requires you to play with 9 friends as they all have to do the glitch. Go to blacktop and select 5 v 5, load up a custom roster, was playing earlier today on AirJacks stream and we did a myteam one. Once you’ve loaded custom roster (if youre host, back out and go to play with friends), inv whoever you want to play with, just make sure they’ve done the glitch and chose the same roster as you have. It’s far more fun than regular team up and probably the most enjoyable way to play this ass game

Skill Gap ? you mean Rim Running and praying for fouls cause you aint shooting consistently with Steady shooter

You must haven’t watched our streams … we shoot lights out. Someone tell this man about @stuz0h @thePre2 @jc9288 @jdealla

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People can’t handle the skill gap when it comes to shooting. You need to create more space and have better timing than other game modes.


Apparently you haven’t seen @stuz0h in our team up

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