All star team tips

Hi guys, any tips how to beat them in domination? Got beat up badly. Never lost a game until these showed up.
Line up is:
Baron davis - stephon marburay - pippen - gugliotta - hakeem
Bench: stockton,malone,boll,hill,bird,shawn bradley,tony allen,webber and kobe

Move kobe into your starting lineup and take out starbury. Defense is important so if you want kobe to run your 2s then put tony allen in the starting 2 spot.

So kobe at the one and allen 2? And play pick and roll or more post ups?

No you can keep baron @ pg im more less moving starbury out of the 2. Hes too small. Sp whatev u wanna do but kobe gives you defense @ the 2 and obviously he gets buckets too

After 5 tries finally won with 16. Kobe and pip did it for me. Thx for the advice