All Star Login Packs

20’ sapphire gobert. wouldv’e prefered a token

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Amethyst Kawhi for me.

Amethyst AD

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I got D Curry from the 21 collection

Diamond Giannis from 21 collection

Same here hahah seesh

Will be interesting if the non 21 collection cards of these guys are pullable… In other words, is there any chance of pulling anything of value? Hahah

This was surprising.

Is everyone pulling 21’ 20’ collection cards?

Gold julius randle😐

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Yep, Ruby 20 Embiid for me

20’ ruby jokic

Pulled pd brad beal


Nice. So theoretically opals like Harden and Luka also ‘pullable’.

Diamond Beard

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Hopefully the odds are semi juiced at least so that everyone gets at least a diamond at some point during the week. That would make this a W

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‘20 Zion :woozy_face:


So, all versions of the all-star players are available. That includes Quantum Luka (tho you got more chance of winning the lottery, but in theory at least you got a chance).