All star locker code 2


We’ll take it! Last time I got the Moments pack which was flaming hot garbage.


2k looking to detonate the value of All Star cards to get people buying more VC!


Ok…I can’t wait to unpack this gold Aaron McKie

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I was thinking of copping Vince if he was cheap, maybe this will drop him even more…

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Yea he dropping…I got rid of him in time…but when I played with him he was nice though

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Please stop, I’ve already lost like 120k on my MJ lol

For real how?


I bought him for like 420k the 2nd day. He’s like 300k now on Ps4 isn’t he?

By killing prices they kill your value for your VC if you pulled MJ or Vince.

I’m on Xbox…he’s sitting at 244k with an hour to go but yea no card is gonna sell like it would’ve out the gate and I think people are kinda on edge waiting for Kobe to drop too

I sold VC and MJ yesterday to stop the bleeding. I got 210k for VC and 350k for MJ. I sold Magic and a few other cards because I figure 2k going to push out content to sell VC since the numbers down.

Im thinking the key is to buy guys that have sick cards that will never get upgrades like Lance and Bam.

Cool, would be nice to pull something good for once.


Welcome to 2KG and good luck with your pack…! Maybe you’ll get some new 2KGamer pack luck and rip a PD LeBron :sunglasses:

Thanks. That would be cool. Been eyeing this forum for a bit. Was looking for something like Muthead for Madden with 2K

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Got nash … not bad he will be flipped for paul pierce

Got ruby Kemba again :roll_eyes:

So O have only got either NBA series 1 or 2 players put of all the locker code packs 2k has droped this year, not to mention 80% of my heat check pre order packs didnt have HC players on them. Just pure​:poop::poop::poop::poop: this year.

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