All-Star Game Moments: Opal Giannis and Mitchell, PD Sabonis, Curry, Lillard and D'angelo, Diamond Simons

What we all thinking? Think we getting some moments cards for 3P, Skills, Dunk champs alongside AGS MVP?

Not to mention this supposed Opal D Mitchell coming later 🤷👀

2K is gonna kiss us like A.Simmons did to the rim lol.

All I need is this


Any predictions here? Opal SF Giannis with 85+ 3p?

I think is too soon to see Giannis as a PG

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Two agenda hero cards plus the all star event winners


GO MVP Giannis will plummet the market. Time to buy everything else, lol

edit: Just occured to me, that Giannis was 3/3 from the 3pt yesterday (even with 2 bank shots, lol)., so 2k will HAVE to give him a high 3pt. Potentially 90?

We know something is coming today as all-star just happened AND there are 2 agendas today. Just don’t know when it’s coming lol. My guess is about an hour from now

Isn’t Monday usually Throwback or moments?

We know for sure we’re getting that opal Donovan Mitchell.

I think we’ll also get
97 Giannis
96 Steph Curry
95 or 94 Anfernee Simmons

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And sabonis??? We got OP Bam last year for winning skills challenge, why not sabonis?


Oh yeah, forgot about Sabonis, the skills challenge is boring.

I disagree it’s got some really entertaining moments NGL. Not as good as the others but definitely worth the entertainment

I can see them recycling old Giannis, curry and Sabonis cards

retro 2k superpacks with curry and Giannis :rofl: :rofl:


Big men need eliminate . Rondo, C.Paul, Rubio, Lonzo , T.Young & Lowry willing fun event

Super packs with retro PD Giannis and retro diamond curry, VC only


Please tell me you’re joking

They’ve made specific cards for all star every year, they might make them weaker cards but they’ll make them.

Ah man I’m sorry I was just speculating lol

Yes ahah, I think we’re seeing new content today, but 2k is 2k :rofl: :rofl:

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