ALL PD team thread can it beat an ALL OPAL Team?

So I made this team here so this team of all 98s and I personally think it can beat any team in the game given the skill but yall let me know what yall think about the team also if yall have yall want to list yall team I would love to give feed back


Good Team. Dino Radja Jeff Geen Darius Miles Ben Wallace are good options too.


havent used Dino but I personally think 98 wade and Bron get duos or Evos and go to Opal but this team could beat Opal teams what you think ??

No doubt that team is competitive

The likes of Curry, Unseld, Caldwell, Manning etc are up there with the best in the game for their position

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i think this is it


Im just trying to show that in 2K you dont need All Opals


Oh yeah PD Bill Walton should definitely be there.

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I agree … I was going for all 98 team for the theme but he is a top tier PD

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The color of the card means absolutely nothing in this game…nothing. It’s all animations & size of green windows, & if diamonds or PDs have those 2 things, anyone can be successful.

Robert Covington & Dwyane Wade 2 obvious examples.


Caldwell & Wade are BBQ chicken

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yall drop some PD lineups curious to see yall teams

BTW Diamond Batum is a top tier card too

Pretty sure a team of some of the beast Amy’s and Ruby’s can knock off some opal squads if the user is skilled enough. There’s a lot of budget cards that are highly competitive

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FAXXXXX Might as well call this the anti opal thread :joy: :joy: :joy:

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the better cheeser wins in games. not the teams not EQ.

98 Siakam is pretty good too

anyone use 98 Jianlian Yi or 98 Jokic at Center