ALL Pack odds

I’m the only one who tinhk that wehen they just relase the packs the odds are very high and they change it few hours later. I’m playking 2k since 2k17 and sometimes spend 20 bucks 1 or 2 a year and never get something.

Yes, they gotta fill the market when packs come out so packs are juiced in the beginning


I’m always spending a 20i-50i max in the first 10mins of release. I’d say in 90% of all boxes ive pulled this and past years, I got every card I wanted.

I wasnt at home when they dropped TMac and pulled the first box like 8-10 hours after release and got nothing

Exactly that, Fridays i arrive at home 7 h later when they droop the packs and never got any cards. all f**ing golds and shoes

The last few drops I’ve pulled within 5 minutes of release. At first I was getting good pulls, but recently I’ve gotten crap. Spend 500k MT combined on JKidd and Flash 2 within the first 5-10 minutes of release. Didn’t get one diamond.